I am think of doing something crazy ... going all "red badge zooms"

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Re: I am think of doing something crazy ... going all "red badge zooms"

Jerry-astro wrote:

tkao2025 wrote:

I have the 16-55 and 100-400. 16-55 is a great walk around lens, but just wondering why you would need both the 50-140 and the 100-400. I'm kind of curious myself, just because I'm thinking about getting the 50-140. Always trying to convince myself I don't need the 60-90 length between the two.

Depends on what you shoot and what FLs you favor. I also have a gap between 55mm and 100mm, and TBH, it hasn't bitten me once that I can recall. Absolute worst case, a bit of cropping at 55mm might be required, but so far at least, that hasn't been an issue or really necessary for me. Now, how much of a challenge it might be for anyone else is going to be completely dependent on what FLs that photographer tends to gravitate to and what his/her subject matter is. I don't personally own the 50-140 because... well... I not only don't feel I'd get a lot of use out of it, but also since I already own the 16-55 and 100-400, I'm really not anxious to add another sizable and heavy lens to my kit, particularly if the FL gap isn't really presenting any real challenges. That said, YMMV.

Thanks for you reply.  Yeah, I feel the same way about the gear I have right now.  The only reason for the 100-400 is for my son's love of photographing wildlife.  I have a 90 f/2, although a fantastic lens, it never seems to make it onto my XH-1.  The 16-55 is stuck on my camera for the time being as it is my travel and walkabout lens.

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