Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: I don't think it's surprising

forpetessake wrote:

Don't want to drag this discussion longer than needed, so excuse me for skipping long replies which look irrelevant to me. Everybody has an opinion about cameras, and no doubt people who bought whatever camera have an affinity to it (confirmation bias). But you are all forgetting what the data show. So whatever your opinion is it should fit the data, otherwise it looks like your explanation is that every Sony buyer is an idiot and every Canon buyer is an unrecognized genius and the market action is irrational.

Ok I get that you don't want to drag the discussion. But sorry, did you expect this post to be anything other than a speculatory discussion? In engineering and science there is a saying and it applies here. "A single data point is no data". 
Presenting market data for single month won't really tell us much of anything in terms of market trends. Heck, if the sales figures for the month following showed an up tick in RP sales... even with those two data points it wouldn't tell us much of anything regarding the big picture. 
Canikon are currently in a sort of transitional phase. Its anyone's guess how things will shape up while they are in this phase, since it is anyone's guess with regards to what products will exactly come out in the first year - 1.5 years and how the market will react to them. Anyone thinking that the undeniable market leader for the past 20-30 years is so stupid they probably won't know how to approach the market to maintain dominance is as stupid as anyone thinking that the underdog that came out of nowhere to take over the sensor market won't hold their own. 
Canon is still the market leader when it comes to digital cameras. Sony is still one of the world's leading sensor suppliers... from fujis, nikons, their own camera bodies, to a whole list of phone sensors. Kinda like the notion that apple would beat Samsung is kinda silly considering the components that samsung supplies world wide as well as their entire product portfolio. 
End of the day, we probably won't have a clear picture on the balance between manufacturers till 2020 once canikon (and Panasonic) have had a proper release of their vision in terms of camera, and lens line ups. They each have plans and development cycles in place that are years long and not months.

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