Any experiences using the note 9 for picture development?

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Re: Any experiences using the note 9 for picture development?

vindellama wrote:

Hi there!

Does anyone have experience using the note 9 + pen + lightroom/snapseed for social media/raw editing?

I'm underwhelmed with the results I got with my lower-end smartphone + finger, and wonder if it would be better with a note 9

In my current phone I got a lot of battery drain, slow load, and way worse final quality compared to raw processed in lightroom/PS on PC exported specifically to social media format.

How is the performance/results with the note 9?

What export format do you use on lightroom/snapseed/vsco?

Do you guys think that with the release of the note 10 pro (more geared towards professionals) there will be a huge performance increase along with the release of complete mobile versions of PS and Capture one? How would the new processor, along with 12gb of ram affect the editing performance?

Finally... How is the quality/DR/low light of the raw files that come out of the note 9? And what could be improved in the note 10 pro?

Pure raws are better than the jpegs that come out of the device but they not that good if you have the Snapdragon Note 9 you may find a Google Camera app that works for it has the ability to shoot 14bit stacked raws they are usually better to work with.

i would suggest using lightroom mobile only and also always edit with device at full brightness, depending what social media site you may wanna disable sharpening completely

i found for instagram i need to disable sharperning and increase luma nr to like 15 for whatever reason Android IG app sharpens the image again so you need to account for that.

had to blur this then instagram app sharpened it

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