Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Canon EF mount (old? pre-ExpSIM Live-View? 3rd-party?, etc) + wrong settings

Holscen wrote:

BirdShooter7 wrote:

All of my long telephoto lenses hunt a lot more on the R and RP. Would love to see that performance improve.

Please could you tell me which lenses haven't worked as expected, I often read reviews on this forum staying the af was better than Canon's dslrs!

Many thanks

BirdShooter7 has no gear lists having no lenses at all; so any answers are iffy.

  • EF OEM Lenses (old film era lenses only?)
  • EF-mount (non-OEM lenses)?
  • EF OEM Pre-ExpSIM Live-View Lenses (pre-2005)
  • EF OEM Pre-ExpSIM Live-View AF Final Image Simulation Preview Lenses? (2012)
  • EF OEM older generation RAW CR2 EOS dSLR Lenses?
  • EF OEM newer generation RAW CR2 higher-power dual-speedmode EOS Lenses
  • RF OEM newer generation high-speed RAW CR3 high-speed Full-Live-View EOS Lenses
  • EF mount non-OEM Lenses (=not up to ExpSIM Live-View AF capabilities)
  • RF mount non-OEM Lenses (=not up to ExpSIM Live-View AF capabilities)
  • EFS OEM Lenses (old or new)
  • EF-mount (APSC Coverage) 3rd-party lenses

■ and ... last but not least ...

  • RF OEM Lenses (used incorrectly or non-optimally = ExpSIM Live-View disabled)
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