Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

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Re: Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

MarcoE wrote:

my default camera setup for colorspace is Adobe RGB.

When you have adjusted the raw files please use ProPhotoRGB and save as tiff. That will ensure you the highest quality files.

i’m looking for a new monitor and really like the workflow on a iMac. The 27inch with integrated pc seams perfect but the 5k screen is not optimized for adobe rgb.

is calibration an option or should i look for a dedicated monitor like the BenQ SW271 or Eizo coloredge serie?

You should always calibrate a monitor regardless of the monitor and you have to do it regularly. If you can get a monitor that can be hardware calibrated it will get you better results since the caibration is saved in the screens LUT and not in the graphics card. I have bad experiences with Eizo screens, but very good with NEC screens. I have a 12 year old NEC that still works perfect with great colors.

This NEC should be perfect, and around 1200,- € like the Benq. I would choose the NEC anyday over the other monitors.

mu output will be online (websites) but also the possability to make large prints (A3, A2)

if you shoot raw you don't have to set the color profile to Adobe RGB but do it anyway in case you need a Jpeg out of the camera. For websites you would have to convert your files to 8 bit sRGB and possibly jpeg which you can do directly from your raw converter or in photoshop.

If you read German I can recommend

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