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Getting back to cameras. Suppose you and I were both trying to get the same customer. Suppose you were a slightly better photographer, but you used an older model camera. I happened to use a current model body. It wouldn't be crazy for me to "educate" potential customers that older bodies are more likely to fail, perhaps at a critical moment. It wouldn't be crazy for me to mention that with advantages in technology, newer cameras produce higher quality. Whether or not any of this "education" is accurate, it can guide a customer to ask about equipment. By guiding the customer to look for better gear, the customer may choose me, even though you are the better photographer and might have done a better job.

Marketing is about guiding the client to choose you over your competition.

IMHO, being able to shoot in silent mode during the wedding ceremony is a difference that, providing the photographer is good at his or her craft, can make a difference in whether or not they get a contract.

I would go as far to guide a prospective client in my marketing material and conversation that they keep that in mind - whether the choose me or someone else.

An excellent example.

You can "educate" a client as to why they should look for a photographer who uses a camera with a silent shutter.  Perhaps mentioning a brand and model that does it exceptionally well.   You can make sure your equipment list mentions that you shoot with that brand/model.

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