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Jacques Cornell wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

itsDing wrote:

Go ak to 2005/6 and I bet some great wedding images were taken by Canons 20/30D cameras and still could be.

Yes. I still have my 20D. However, I haven't used it in years. Newer models of camera make my job easier, and allow me to provide a higher quality product to my clients.

If you were getting married today, and had to choose between two equally skilled photographers, would you prefer the one with a 20D, or the one with a current model DSLR?

But that isn't how I'd be making the choice. First, how would I know they were equally skilled? Second, I wouldn't bother asking if they used a 20D. I'd look at the portfolio and ask to see two dozen images showing a single wedding start-to-finish so as to circumvent cherry-picking. If they could make images I'd like with a 20D, printable up to the max size I'd want, then I'd be impressed by their skills.

Yes.  There is more than one type of customer.  Successful marketing doesn't have to work on everyone.  it's OK if the marketing doesn't work on 10% of the market, if it's extremely effective on 90%.  It's OK to lose one customer if you bring in 9 others.

Most customers are not as savvy as you are.   They look at the images you present to them, and you can guide them as to whether they think the images are good or not.

I was at a wedding where the bride picked the photographer because he had a great portfolio showing off his journalistic style.  It contained no traditional wedding images.  She liked the portfolio, so she hired him.  The strange thing was that she did not want a journalistic style.  She wanted traditional posed wedding portraits.   She assumed that if the photographer could do one thing right, he could do everything right.

Customers sometimes use strange criteria for picking photographers.  It can be effective to guide them in their choices.

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