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itsDing wrote:

I dont ask as I am not a wedding photographer. I am simply talking about gear today and yesterday. I dont believe it matters as long as the customer gets a good finished product.

That's a different question.

Is it possible to take a great photo with an old and discontinued camera. I don't think anyone has suggested otherwise.

More often than not, a current model camera that offers more features makes it easier to get that great photo. With a current model camera, you are more likely to be able to provide a high quality product to your customers.

But the question we've been discussing is not whether gear makes a difference, or even if good gear is required. We've been discussing whether or not there are circumstances where it makes sense to include your gear in your marketing.

Consider the auto industry.  Lots of people buy cars, few of which are very knowledgeable.  Take a feature like intelligent airbags. Most consumers would never think to ask if a car has those. Most consumers aren't even sure what they are. However, if your are selling cars, and your cars have intelligent airbags, then it can make sense to tell consumers why they should insist on a car that has them.   The consumer may still not understand exactly what they are, but if you do a good job with your marketing, they will certainly ask about them.

Getting back to cameras.  Suppose you and I were both trying to get the same customer. Suppose you were a slightly better photographer, but you used an older model camera.  I happened to use a current model body.  It wouldn't be crazy for me to "educate" potential customers that older bodies are more likely to fail, perhaps at a critical moment.  It wouldn't be crazy for me to mention that with advantages in technology, newer cameras produce higher quality.  Whether or not any of this "education" is accurate, it can guide a customer to ask about equipment.  By guiding the customer to look for better gear, the customer may choose me, even though you are the better photographer and might have done a better job.

Marketing is about guiding the client to choose you over your competition.

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