Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

Peak freak wrote:

lawny13 wrote:

6. Last you hour talk about canon matching high Rez bodies. Yet you are talking about the 6d line, and saving for the R. I take it you aren’t looking at the A7R line.... so that high res thigh doesn’t matter since you are probably considering the A7III. Which is lower in resolution than the R.

good luck choosing.


The OP asked for thoughts on the RP. I'm of the good camera, great price, needs matched lenses school of thought. If I stay with Canon, I would definitely consider one as a back up body.

I was all ready to get a 6D2 to replace my 5D2. I wasn't impressed by what I consider Canons underhand trick of using their older sensor tech. I was so looking forward to a meaningful IQ update. Instead I spent my money on a road trip and gave my trusty 5D2 a good work out!

There are lots of good options out there. I see the EOS R as a reliable, seamless update that would work well with my existing lenses while I transitioned to what will probably be class leading RF lenses.

The one issue I have is that I would prefer more resolution (I print and sell some of my work and I see benefits of more Mpix, particularly for cropping to different formats) so I reckon the A7R3 is actually the best option for me, but not as straightforward or inexpensive as sticking with Canon.

Enter the Tamron FE 'native' 17-28/2.8 which could be a great compact, lightweight all-round landscape lens (including a bit of nightsky work). This lens has me interested in Sony again. I'm not in a hurry, I'll work out what the best option is.

I know that the OP mentioned the RP, but the discussion did bring up the R.

Thing is I am not gonna encourage people to bet on one horse or another yet. I may have come back to the canon camp,  but the fact is that it will take at least a year or year and a half before people can start having an idea of which camp to be in. Switching is a tedious and potentially expensive action.

Sony does have some great tech. But in general before tamron entered the FE lens mount Sony glass was more expensive than canon, kinda removing the financial savings on the body.

The RF 35 and 24-105 f4 are both cheaper than the Sony options. If the trinity zooms are as well (by 100+ euros) then my bet would pan out.

I fully agree with you on the 6D2 and also the RP in terms of DR. It is stupid canon move since they are the only two bodies releases with the disappointing DR of previous generations.

On an engineering and business point of view I hope that they are working on releasing new gen sensors this next body release and onwards. The 5DIV And R DR is more than adaquite, but IBIS and faster readout speeds (for full width 4K, not that I care about video, but rather FPS and rolling shutter implications) would push them to a very good spot.

Canon’s user experience, touch interface and ergonomics is already way up there. Their RF lenses are as well, they really just need a body or two to catch up as well.

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