Multiple photo programs - explain sidecars?

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Re: Multiple photo programs - explain sidecars?

Bbawt1 wrote:

Some of the programs I want to test use sidecar xmp files.

"XMP" side car files work across programs to share metadata.

Some programs, but possibly only Lightroom writes some processing data to XMP sidecars, which should be LR specific and ignored by other programs.  Unless the other program specifically says that it shares LR processing data.

Other programs such as DXO store processing data in sidecar files, but these are *.dop files not XMP sidecar files. Capture One (C1) stores processing data in *.cop sidecar files.  And these files are only used by DXO and C1 respectively.

However, C1 (and probably DXO) also write "metadata" changes to XMP sidecar files, allowing these changes to be shared across programs.

C1 does not write any processing data to the XMP sidecar files. Nor do they read any of the processing data that LR writes to XMP side car files.  Except, when importing LR catalogues into a C1 catalogue when they try and read the LR processing data as a one one off during import to try and match edits between the two programs.

So, this shouldn't be an issue, but I would still check and see exactly how the programs you are referring to work.



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