Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

Peak freak wrote:

Lisa Horton wrote:

Peak freak wrote:

I think I have PTSD over what Canon expected me to pay for the 6D2, and in line with the thread, unless a small, light FF body like the RP has small, light lenses available, it is rather pointless to me.

Everyone has their own ways of seeing things, this is one that I don't really understand. The camera and lens are a unit while in use. Lower the weight of either of them and you've lowered the weight of the unit. If lowering weight is the point, then lowering the total weight should serve the point.

Yep, fair enough, I can see what you are getting at.

I do a lot of hiking, climbing etc and use a 5D2 / 16-35/4 combo. Size and weight are a definite consideration for myself.

The thing with the RP is that it is not really up to the spec that I would like, but I would be willing to compromise if there was enough of an advantage with size / weight etc.

Having to adapt EF lenses to the RP negates the one real advantage it has for me.

For example, I think Canon has done a good job with the EOS M5/50 and the EF-M 11-22. That set up might be worth the compromise in IQ for very real benefits in size and weight. [I don't think anyone else really offers a well performing WA mirrorless option for the price].

But the RP and adapted lenses? Might as well save up for the EOS R, or something else...

[I did buy a 100D and EF-S 10-18 as my lightweight kit. To cut a long story short, I still lug the 5D2/16-35 with me].

The grass is greener on the other side. For you who shoots landscape seriously consider saving for the R.

1. You will definitely appreciate the DR. For comparison, the R has as good DR as the A7II and almost that of the A7RIII. So though it isn’t up to par as the mk3 Sony bodies it is close enough.

2. I went Sony a few years ago and waited till canon came out with an MILC under 3k, and bought the R. Overall user experience, colors, design philosophy, glass, and ergonomics. I prefer all these things from canon. The Sony bodies may be smaller but they are not necessarily lighter (A7III = 650 g, R = 660 g). Due to the these reasons the R “feels” lighter, more confortable in hand. Once you go quality lenses on the sonys you negate having a small package, and the ergonomics goes way down. For me at least you get this claw light grip, which your palm separates from the body during operations, giving this constant feeling that I might drop the camera, and cramping hands.

3. Mirrorless size and weight savings is exagerated. It was a marketing thing that song pushed in the beginning, until they started producing quality GM lenses, then you don’t see any of this marketing push anymore.

4. Consider another brand... if you want good DR, light weight and small package, and quality lenses, consider Fuji. The X-T3 is an excellent camera, extremely well weather sealed, and a small package with those Fuji lenses (FF will generally always be big/heavy due to the size of those fast lenses. I for one have FF because I do loads of portraiture, so shallow DOF is something I like to have available.  But I was just on vacation with the R, and I am seriously considering a X-T30 with the 18-55 f2.8-4 for travel (and one of thier choice fast primes).

5. Long game... canon will release bodies and lenses that will have you (at least partly) regret you didn’t stay with them. The only question is if you can be patient. That 60+ MP camera is rumored to be released this year. And then there is that 15-35 f2.8 lens that will come out in July.

6. Last you hour talk about canon matching high Rez bodies. Yet you are talking about the 6d line, and saving for the R. I take it you aren’t looking at the A7R line.... so that high res thigh doesn’t matter since you are probably considering the A7III. Which is lower in resolution than the R.

good luck choosing.


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