The perfect bag for the X-H1

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Re: The perfect bag for the X-H1

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

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Marcos Villaroman wrote:

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Marcos Villaroman wrote:

Just to be clear: your Everday Sling 5L held your 16-55, 50-140, a monfrotto mini tripod, but, not the X-H1 with 35/2 as well?

I'm headed to Japan on April 6th and will be bringing my Everyday Sling 5L and 10L bags, X-H1, X-T20, and six lenses. At this point, I'm thinking of bringing the 55-200 instead of 50-140. But, the 50-140's image quality is really tempting...

Correct. However the XH1 with 16-55 fits in the bag with the 50-140, but not with the 35 as well.

Yeah, I have to be careful zipping the bag up, but, I did notice I can just fit the X-H1 w/ 16-55 and 50-140 in the 5L. I'll probably go with the Everyday Sling 10L when bringing the larger lenses.

I’m going on the same date, Tokyo first and then Kyoto. We’ll have to share photos. I’m tempted to bring more lenses but I also have the x100f so may stick with that on top of the two lenses mentioned above.

Yeah, we definitely need to exchange images. Let me know if you want to try to hook up to see the Fujifilm museum or one of those huge camera stores in Shibuya....

I'll be doing Tokyo 4/7 through 4/16; Kyoto from 4/16 to 4/22, then 4/22 to 4/30 in Tokyo with trips to Hakone (overnight) and Nikko during that week.

I posted a thread earlier on what gear to bring. From that, I decided to go with X-T2 (now X-H1), X-T20, 10-22, 16-55, 55-200, 16/1.4, 23/2, and 56/1.2. I would carry the X-T20 with the three primes in the 5L or just the X-H1 in the 5L. The 10L will be for most situations.

I just bought a 1.4x TC and so now am tempted to get really greedy and bring the 50-140 with TC instead of the 55-200. I'm going to a wedding next weekend which gives me a chance to try out my gear combinations. I need to figure out how slow the 50-140 with 1.4x TC focuses compared to the 55-200.

That's a healthy trip! I'm trying to squeeze it all in from April 7th-16th. I had no idea there was a Fujifilm museum, it looks so cool! If I were going solo, I'd take you up on that but I'm afraid my girlfriend would detest going.

Glad you are able to travel light enough to accommodate photography and girlfriend at the same time.

I have a question about the 10L -- does it actually fit more or is it simply deeper designed for DSLR or larger lenses?

The 10L fits a lot more. I haven't tried my X-H1 yet, but, it fits:

  • X-T2 with 16-55
  • 50-140
  • X-T20 w/ 10-24
  • 56/1.2
  • 23/2
  • Godox t350F (in front pouch)

As you can see from the picture, I bought an extra divider from the peak design website. I'm also using a 3rd party foot for the 50-140.

Peak design straps are tucked away in the front pocket.

Do you think this arrangement can fit two X-T2, instead of one X-T2 and one X-T20? Thanks.

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