Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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I don't think it's surprising

Here is my take. There are three broad categories of photographers: the casual and undemanding users (soccer moms, social networks users, etc.), the enthusiasts (technology enthusiasts, retired professionals, dpreview nuts, etc.), and working professionals.

The first category wants cheaper, lighter, the most automated products. They are not attracted to the R line. Even the cheap RP isn't competitive with M50 and Rebels.

The third category work for money, the R line doesn't give any advantages to them. To the contrary, it would cost them money building a new system and selling the old one. This category is also reluctant to use version one of anything, any unproven technology is a risk to their business.

So, only the second category can potentially embrace the R line en masse. But this category is largely populated by knowledgeable people with deep pockets. They aren't going to choose something only because it's cheaper. Moreover, they buy bodies, lenses, accessories, so they evaluate the total cost of the system, which is significantly higher than a body. So, say you have $5000 to spend, would you go with R/RP or A7iii? I think majority would choose A7iii, they will get better body and more lenses for the same money. Even adapted EF lenses often work better on A7iii than on R. I was surprised to see the animal eye-AF was working fine with adapter lenses on A7iii. Add to that IBIS and you can pick up high quality unstabilized lenses for peanuts. For example, the unstabilized 70-200mm and 135/2 work great on A7iii, not so on R.

What Canon needs to do to change the situation is to release a better body with IBIS, while making more RF lenses. And I mean, high quality RF lenses, large and small. They don't have to be cheap, the group #1 won't be buying anyway. And the group #2 won't be attracted by the cheap low quality lenses. RF lenses is the only thing that is drawing me personally to the R system. I think it will take Canon at least 2 years before it can become as attractive as Sony.

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