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v30 wrote:

That lightning shot is fantastic!

Thank you.

When I arrived at home, there were some "charged" clouds at the sky, unleashing a lot of lightnings.

Then, my wife suggested me to try to take a picture.

As it was at night, I picked my vampire lens: EF-M 22mm/F 2.0

And configured my M50 for manual settings.

I selected ISO 100 for best quality. Aperture 8.0, which is the sweet spot for the EF-M 22mm/F2.

Put the M50 on a tripod and configured exposure for 15 or 30 seconds.

And crossed my fingers. Luck is essential for a good photo.

I kept shooting for half an hour, trying to capture a lighting.

At the end of my session, I was able to capture lightning in 2 pictures.

And I elected that lightning as the most beautiful.

Here's the other picture with a lightning:

2 Lightnings at once. EF-M 22mm/F2.0

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