Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

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Re: Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

david31 wrote:

I agree the Sony does seem to be better. This is not the answer I expected, great news for the Sony RX10 IV. The 100-400 IS mk II alone costs £1900 and the Canon 7D mk II is about £1300 I expected the Canon to have a siginifcant advantage.

Years ago, the French website Focus Numériques did an Imatest on the RX10 III, which has the same lens as the RX10 IV. They commented that the Imatest greatly exceeded the Canon 100-400 and approximated the Canon 400mm prime!

I can't find the page any more, but here is an article that referred to that conclusion and has the RX10 III Imatest results. If you look for their Canon 100-400 results, you should be able to compare for yourself. I put in Google translate for you. If you read French, it might be better.

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