Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

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Re: Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

You won't get much for used gear. Consider keeping your Canon gear and buying some version of the Sony RX-100 (roughly $1000). Or an 80D plus the RX-100.  That way you get your 4K, and you don't lose all your Canon gear. You also get a spare camera, which is pocketable, and generally well-liked. You wouldn't do badly with that as your only camera.

The Canon 80D (and SL2, T7i, 77D), by the way, are competitive with other cameras in terms of image quality. They have essentially caught up with the others. Look at input-referred read noise on PhotonsTophotos.net . It's quite good in spite of all the weaping and shouting at DPR. (Don't compare noise in DNs. DNs are just arbitrary numbers, and they are not strictly comparable.)

Are you sure you need IBIS and are willing to dump the system over it? I doubt if it's needed if you have IS lenses. You might find IBIS is better for something, but there's also a risk that it's not.

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