I am think of doing something crazy ... going all "red badge zooms"

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Re: I am think of doing something crazy ... going all "red badge zooms"


I am thinking of selling all of my primes that I picked up used

1) the 14

2) 23 f2

3) 35 magic

4) keeping the red badge 100-400

and picking up used the remaining "red badge' lens

the :

1) 8-16

2) 16-55

3) 50-140

here is my reasoning

the red badge zooms are near prime quality - they use nano coatings / super ed elements etc...

the 8-16 for seascapes and landscapes near my place in California ,

the 16-55 as a walkaround,

the 50-140 for the zoo, birds in flight near beach , closer sports,

the 100-400 for sports and birds in flight

I don't want to make any moves without thinking it over as this would be a long term purchase - not planning to flip to another system

any comments ?

I have the 16-55 and its fantastic. Your plan feels solid, but i would recommend 2 things:

1. Keep either the 23 f2 or the 35 f1.4 ( i guess that is the "magic" one). In this case i would suggest keeping the 35 for a walkaround lens. While the 16-55 is great, it is allways nice to have a smaller, faster lens. You can use the 35 1.4 for almost anything, when you dont feel like having to take the 16-55. I actually have the 23 f2, and use it for that purpose, but thats because i preffer the FL, the 35 f1.4 seems better in your case.

2. Get the 27 f2.8. Even if you dont gain speed or quality over the 16-55, to have the most compact lens on fuji is just perfect. Its too convinient not to have it. It will also work as a walkaround lens, to take the camera when you might not for the weight or the size. I also have this and it is the most used lens, because i take it everywhere, which i might not with the 16-55.

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