Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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It doesn't matter...

PhozoKozmos wrote:

WSteveP wrote:

Article blames lack of native lenses. However given the compatability of EF lenses (with adapter) I'm not sure that would be the reason.

  • article ignores relevant sales data; counting only partial data is misleading
  • EOS RP likely outsells A7III if one includes full data
  • sony selling to resellers account for bulk of Sony sales, like A7III
  • sony resellers also selling more used A7III than all past Sony FF MILCs (new + old)
  • sony resellers also selling more used A7III than ALL non-Sony olded FF dSLRs (new + old)
  • sony resellers are receiving RECORD SETTING #1 more dumped A7III to resell used than any other FF MILC in the same year of introduction on 2018, and now into 2019. = there is possibly a double-count (double dipping) of used A7III on top of new A7III numbers
  • data has zero visibility on direct-to-customer sales by Canon. (they have shifted predominantly to online sales)

I wonder how sales are in north America and Europe.

No one has real full sales data in Japan; but in rest of world, only search trends give a skewed hint.

  • America (USA) has not yet started dumping A7III as fast as in Japan
  • UK/Australia/Canada are lagging like USA
  • EU, are ignoring Sonys, and curious only with Nikon Z6
  • EU = EOS R dominates over EOS RP, most buy online "locally".
  • East Asia + SE Asia are predominantly Canon R+RP+M50 only (users predominantly buy direct from Canon online): JP, KR, TW, PH, TH, HK, CN, SG, ID, etc
  • South Asia: is a mix: EOS R vs Z6 vs A7III (India); Turkey: mostly EOS M50 then EOS R.


only users know how good their EOS R + RP are, and actual full sales data to real endusers are Unknown.

early buyers of EOS R + RP are MOSTLY those MINORITY who NEEDED to buy early, especially, if having any have dumped A7III back onto used market in record setting numbers (barely a few months old after getting it new)

the rest of EOS R + RP potential MAJORITY buyers wait for the usual 6+ months for seasonal sales (thx giving) and are not in any rush. uninterested in A7III shortcomings, or Nikon Z6 shortcomings. will get the exact RF or EF or EF-S or TSE lens they want.

this MAJORITY "buy later" pattern is normal for MOST enthusiast Canon buyers

Sony A7III fan's PREMATURE CELEBRATORY #1 sales (new + used = close behind) = A7III = record #1 dumped FF MILC ever, is an EMPTY VICTORY.

the rest of us ... raised eye-brows ... are vindicated in avoiding Sonys as mere overhyped ineffective gadgets, nothing more, but a waste of time.

Yours is an interesting interpretation, although to say I'm doubtful about your theories is a bit of an understatement.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter who sells most, what matters is that cameras can be produced with enough profit margin to justify further manufacture and development. If it works for you, it doesn't matter if people in Japan (or just down the road) are agreeing with your purchase choice. Just get out there and use it...

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