Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

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Re: Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

Graham C F wrote:

I have found this works well on the R. You just have to monitor that it is still working. As it warns on page 415 of the EOS R manual, if you turn the camera off, it can lose the GPS connection. I found that I needed to open the smartphone again to reconnect it. I’m not sure whether it would have done so by itself, if I had waited long enough.

When I was on a safari recently, I got into the habit of leaving the camera switched on all the time, albeit with power saving enabled. That seemed to be an effective way of maintaining the GPS connection, though I continued to monitor it. I was afraid the battery would run out on either the smartphone or the EOS R, but I never had a problem.

Note... there is also a funtion that allows you to access the camera's images while it is off. Essentially it is an always bluetooth connected option. I use this to show/look-at images when the camera is in the bag and I can't be bothered taking it out. 
I found that like this the connection for GPS is then more consistent.

You can easily see/test this.

1. Turn on setting for always having blue tooth connection when the camera connect app is open.

2. Open camera connect app (go through the tethering steps if you aren't paired with your phone).

3. With (1) activated, you should see that the bluetooth icon in the camera connect app is lit (so connected to the camera), while the wireless is not connected. 
4. Locate and set the select GPS device as your smartphone.

At this point looking at the camera connect app you should see the blue tooth icon as on, ans between it and the camera icon you should be able to see the location arrow on.

5. Turn off the camera... you will see the camera connect app refresh (takes a few seconds). You will see the bluetooth icon is still on, but the location arrow is gone.

6. Turn on the camera and again the app refreshes and the arrow comes back.

Rinse and repeat the turning on and off to see that it does connect consistently and relatively quickly. 
If you do not have the always connected blue tooth option then you need to be careful and monitor that they are indeed connected. This can be a pain, especially if you forget. With the above settings and work flow, all I need to ensure that I do when I first head out is to turn on the app and camera and observe the location icon (in app) and GPS icon (in camera) come on. From there, it is phone in pocket and get going. With the on/off approach to conserve camera battery life this is nice to have.

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