Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: dumped A7III USED sales record setting @ #1 in Japan (ah-ha!)

PhozoKozmos wrote:

WSteveP wrote:

Article blames lack of native lenses. However given the compatability of EF lenses (with adapter) I'm not sure that would be the reason.

  • article ignores relevant sales data; counting only partial data is misleading
  • EOS RP likely outsells A7III if one includes full data
  • sony selling to resellers account for bulk of Sony sales, like A7III
  • sony resellers also selling more used A7III than all past Sony FF MILCs (new + old)
  • sony resellers also selling more used A7III than ALL non-Sony olded FF dSLRs (new + old)
  • sony resellers are receiving RECORD SETTING #1 more dumped A7III to resell used than any other FF MILC in the same year of introduction on 2018, and now into 2019. = there is possibly a double-count (double dipping) of used A7III on top of new A7III numbers
  • data has zero visibility on direct-to-customer sales by Canon. (they have shifted predominantly to online sales)

I wonder how sales are in north America and Europe.

No one has real full sales data in Japan; but in rest of world, only search trends give a skewed hint.

  • America (USA) has not yet started dumping A7III as fast as in Japan
  • UK/Australia/Canada are lagging like USA
  • EU, are ignoring Sonys, and curious only with Nikon Z6
  • EU = EOS R dominates over EOS RP, most buy online "locally".
  • East Asia + SE Asia are predominantly Canon R+RP+M50 only (users predominantly buy direct from Canon online): JP, KR, TW, PH, TH, HK, CN, SG, ID, etc
  • South Asia: is a mix: EOS R vs Z6 vs A7III (India); Turkey: mostly EOS M50 then EOS R.


only users know how good their EOS R + RP are, and actual full sales data to real endusers are Unknown.

early buyers of EOS R + RP are MOSTLY those MINORITY who NEEDED to buy early, especially, if having any have dumped A7III back onto used market in record setting numbers (barely a few months old after getting it new)

the rest of EOS R + RP potential MAJORITY buyers wait for the usual 6+ months for seasonal sales (thx giving) and are not in any rush. uninterested in A7III shortcomings, or Nikon Z6 shortcomings. will get the exact RF or EF or EF-S or TSE lens they want.

this MAJORITY "buy later" pattern is normal for MOST enthusiast Canon buyers

Sony A7III fan's PREMATURE CELEBRATORY #1 sales (new + used = close behind) = A7III = record #1 dumped FF MILC ever, is an EMPTY VICTORY.

the rest of us ... raised eye-brows ... are vindicated in avoiding Sonys as mere overhyped ineffective gadgets, nothing more, but a waste of time.

That's a lot of suppositions... You really need to lay down some sources of your info.

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