Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

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Re: Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

Todd Meyers wrote:

Myrgjorf wrote:

Todd Meyers wrote:

Mirrorless APS-C - it isn't clear if Canon will ever do this, but I'm tired of waiting.

Joking or been asleep since 2012?

Good luck with your shiny new Sony, BTW.

Not joking. I'm not looking for a M or RP camera. I want something like a mirrorless 7D Mark II.

Specifics, please.  What do you want in an M (or crop sensor R) that the 7DII has but the M5 (or M50) doesn't?  In terms of sensors, the M5 and M50 have newer (80D) sensors than the 7DmkII.  So what specifically are you looking for?

I have both the 7DmkII and the M5 (and the original 7D, for that matter).  I do prefer the 7DII; it feels more responsive and robust, and I'm more used to it, and I prefer the optical viewfinder.  I do agree (at least thus far) that the AF of the M5 does not match that of the 7DII, but I don't have nearly as many frames through the M5 and I'm still learning it.  While overall I prefer the 7D controls, the M5 does have something the 7DII doesn't: four control dials, so I can adjust shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and EC (yay for dedicated EC dial!) independently.

But again -- what exactly is it you're looking for in a mirrorless APS-C body?

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