Nikkor 500/5.6 PF: Keep VR always ON

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Re: Nikkor 500/5.6 PF: Keep VR always ON

Greyser wrote:

I've been shooting Sigma 500/4 and earlier 500/4.5 for the last eight years. I shoot handheld exclusively and have VR off mostly relying on short shutter speeds as 1/2000 and shorter.

When I purchased new 500PF at first I thought I got a lemon. The output was not bad but not crisp as I expected, especially at longer distances. Out of my misery couple days ago I force myself to shoot with VR ON even if I had very short shutter speeds. To my surprise I noticed some improvements.

Today during my lunch time I shot handheld approximately 6.5 inch in diameter quite hairy flat target from four different distances ending with lens distance showing almost infinity (beyond 100+ meters /300+ feet). Below are VR OFF and ON images at four distances proving effectiveness of VR to be always ON. I think 500PF is so light that it does not absorb lens shakes and vibrations as well as 500-600/4 heavy primes. However, as I discovered today this unwanted camera/lens movemnets affect IQ even at 1/2000 sec. shutter. All images are unprocessed RAW files converted to JPEG and just resized for posting here.

While I haven't don't any official testing, I have also found that leaving VR on (sport mode) even while shooting above 1/1000 has been beneficial even for BIF.

Some have already noted that the VR suffers similar issues as the 300pf at shutter speeds within a specific range while shooting bursts. For me though it is a non issue as I don't see much point in burst shooting at slow shutter speeds. If 'you' do that's fine, it's just not my style of shooting.

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