Would you repair an Epson 4900?

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Re: Would you repair an Epson 4900?

Timzee wrote:

Appreciate the input & advice from all who replied.

My reluctance to just give up on the 4000 is based on a couple of factors, one being the fact that we have so much invested in replacement ink for the 4000. Seems a shame to just toss that (or perhaps give it away?).

Also at a recent PCExpo my partner and I were admiring a wall of photo prints that were quite stunning. Turns out all of them were printed on a 4000. That reinforced my opinion that despite any issues and the fact that newer models might have an edge in print quality that the 4000 was still a very capable printer.

But in any event, it does seem that the writing is on the wall and that given its age it's probably time to just let it go.

Interestingly we also have a much older 3800. That printer has been set aside in the studio for over four months without being used at all. Just last week I needed an 11x14 print and decided to see how the 3800 might work and much to my surprise, after only one head cleaning cycle the print check came out perfectly as well as the final print. Did not expect that.

You keep saying 4000. That's a very different printer from the 4900. Which one do you have?

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