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Re: Not just the camera

Marianne Oelund wrote:

BGD300V1 wrote:

There are a lot of different metrics for testing things and relatively robust processes to do the measuring.

What is the metric for AF performance?

Keeper ratio and number of shots missed due to AF not finding the subject. But that's a function of both photographer and camera...

...and the lens. I think one reason why comparing cameras is so difficult is because you need identical lenses so that you can exclude the lens. Even if we would set up a fair test environment and even if we could measure the actual time for the lens which it takes to focus from for instance nearest focus distance to the target distance, follow focus may be impossible to compare because reversing the direction of rotation may vary too much even between individuals of the same lens.

I would propose that any rating for the camera alone, is not highly valuable, because the results one obtains also depend very much on user skill and experience. I've occasionally let one of my coaches try to use my D5, set up as I use it - and the results were terrible.

The only meaningful metric is the one which you determine for yourself, by using the camera in your typical scenarios.

Exactly. ...but questioning the skill of the photographer is a very sensitive subject here. Very few of the complainers will ever admit that they are more important part of the equation than the camera or the lens. They complain about the camera and want to improve their skills through better gear, ignoring the fact that the camera has little to do with it, especially if you compare cameras of the same generation.

Yes, for any valuable AF test the skill of the photographer must be excluded, as well as the lens.

A standardized test method would be valuable, but I guess that requires a lot of money and equipment. An industrial robot may be useful and could be programmed for the motion, direction and the speed to eliminate human error and skills. In fact, another could act as a pre-programmed target as well, but that's expensive unless you work somewhere where you could borrow one or two for a Sunday... Perhaps BAE Systems can help you out in the interest of the photography community...?

If the human and the lens is not eliminated from the test then the test is not really relevant.

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