Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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After initial excitement for $1399 FF-M; poor Video Handicap COOL ↓ excitement

WSteveP wrote:

Article blames lack of native lenses. However given the compatability of EF lenses (with adapter) I'm not sure that would be the reason. I wonder how sales are in north America and Europe. Comments?

I'm not surprised.  I was overly excited by the rumor of $1399 Canon RP: part of me WISH it could be true; part of me know it won't be $1399, or the anticipation of actually announcement really culminate into an high excitement upon RP's release.

But soon after, some sobering reality merged to cool ↓ my excitement for it:

  • Canon RP doesn't shoot @24fps.  Important for Slow-Mo from 60p or 120p
  • Canon RP can't shoot @120p Slow Motion that a $899 Fuji X-T30 can
  • Canon RP AF is worse than I expected
  • Canon RP Eye AF are nearly useless

So while I do like the "idea" of a FF mirrorless for $1399.  I want a real video-capable system and so far a $899 Fuji X-T30 seem like a much better buy offering me a 120p Slow Motion @200mpbs, an Eye AF tracking that works, and a native 4K without crop.

That being said, RP is a Fantastic STILL-ONLY camera, but in Today video-centric-YouTube everywhere world, I wanted a camera with better video ability and sadly RP isn't that prince I hope it would be.

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