Interesting new Ricoh GRIII metering - expose to the right finally?

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Re: Sure looks like ETTR is in!

Daedalus2000 wrote:

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Daedalus2000 wrote:

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The video linked in that post shows it off and calls it that way.

Are you sure it is ETTR and not just a highlight protection mechanism? ETTR means that for a scene with not a lot of dynamic range, e.g. a grey wall, the wall will come out almost white.


ETTR means that the exposure is maximized for every image, highlight metering kicks in only when it has to, so I do not think they are the same.

perhaps a smarter way to do it in average

I do not think Ricoh will implement such a metering mode, because it means everyone would have to adjust their exposure in post-processing.

Did you watch the video? Of course, they have other standard metering modes. ETTR pretty much always requires editing the RAW a bit in some way. But yeah, I am not sure until I can use one- just pointing out what the video points out.

By the way the Sonys have that for some time now...

They do? I haven't seen it. Which Sony's?

A7R3, RX10 mark 4, A6500 etc etc

Will check  thanks

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