Morris's X-T3 Birds In Flight Setup

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Corrected: Morris's X-T3 Birds In Flight Setup

For the past month I've been using some new settings and hardware and I'm now confident I have found the magic to shoot BIF with the X-T3.

First off, it's bright out there and the eyecup that comes with the X-T3 allows too much stray light into your eye making it harder to see. I replaced the eye cup with the Fuji EC-XT L or a deeper third party one. I wear glasses and it works well with them. I recommend this change even if you don't wear glasses.

I use AF-C with Zone Focus Mode. I have set the zone to 3 boxes and stear with the focus stick as needed. I found that AF-C Custom Setting 5 (Erratic) was very close yet needed a little tuning so I dialed in 6 (Custom). I then used all the settings from 5 with just one change (bolded) which did the magic:

Tracking sensitivity: 4

Speed tracking sensitivity: 2

Zone area switching: Auto

Since making this change I've shot in fog, in low light after sunset and with backlit subjects and the 100-400 with and without the 1.4x TC nails focus as well as any camera I've used including the D500. There are occasions when the bird turns or changes speed where one frame in a burst might miss and that is usually not the case at 11 FPS.

Fuji warns that setting tracking sensitivity to 4 the camera might have trouble focusing in fog or low contrast situations. This has not been my experience yet I'm ready to go to AF-C mode 5 if that happens.

I hope this helps some of you,


Ps. My original post was from memory and incorrect. I'm sorry for the error.

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