X2 Extender for Canon 75-300mm III USM Ultrasonic?

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Re: X2 Extender for Canon 75-300mm III USM Ultrasonic?

Ric_01 wrote:


Have a veteran Canon Eos 300D.

Which 2x extenders are compatible with my f.4-5.6 Canon 75-300mm III USM Ultrasonic EF lens, or what are the options for a more powerful lens for this camera, please?

None of the Canon Extenders are compatible, but the Kenko teleconverters are. However you need to be realistic about what is achievable. The lens you have is not very sharp at 300 mm, so if you add a teleconverter you are simply enlarging softness and will quite likely record no additional detail at all.

It would be much more astute to keep the money towards a better lens and/or a newer body.

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