Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

73Instamatic wrote:

rrc1967 wrote:

We wrote up a huge article on this.

I think that DCW's rendition of our article misses a ton of points.

Frankly, while the results didn't warm any canon fan hearts, they should have been expected.

Also I'm not sure that the A7 III is the natural competitor for the RP, Canon may have created it to go against Sony's continual selling of the A7 II and A7 which they felt was easier low hanging fruit to capture. Which the RP seems to have done extremely well against.

Canon (or any camera manufacturer, or most businesses even) take the long view approach to their market penetration.

It's just going to take a while for the RF mount to gain traction, of course, it doesn't help that with the EOS RP they just did some things ... oddly with the camera.

Generally agree.

But you do have to look at the R as a natural competitor to the A7 III.

I believe the $300 (Body), $500 (kit) discount for May will help. And I also assume it will become a "perpetual" deal in some form. At least at those prices it's exactly the same as the A7 III.

The deal is part of national photo month and isn't specifically the EOS R,etc.

For instance, the 5D Mark IV got a huge deal

I don't think that Canon (nor Nikon) is any natural competitor to Sony - yet.

Expecting them to compete on equal footing is extremely premature.

What I tend to watch more is how Canon is doing against the other new entrant systems; L system, and the Z system, versus how they will do right now against the Alphas.

The E mount is a rich and varied ecosystem, and technically they have mostly cameras in every slot necessary.  It's going to take years before Canon and Nikon can turn the corner and compete against them.

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