Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

WSteveP wrote:

Article blames lack of native lenses. However given the compatability of EF lenses (with adapter) I'm not sure that would be the reason.

I wonder how sales are in north America and Europe.


I think the market is just settling into long term tiers. So the initial sales were high as latent demand was in effect. And now that the "bloom is off the rose" (the product isn't new anymore) things are approaching a steady-state.

Keep in mind that the R & RP combined have 27% in that graph. That's not bad. Especially given the R & RP use very minor re-worked versions of the same sensors in the latest 5D and 6D. There's not a ton of incentive to switch if you already own one of those.

I do believe there are people waiting for more native RF lenses that cost under $1000. And still others anxiously waiting a new "Pro" R body to use with the expensive lenses. We know those will come too. It just takes time.

The mirrorless market is a marathon. Not a sprint.

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