Is It True That The 24-70 VR is Bad At Close Distances?

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Re: 3D Pop Takes More Than A Lens...It Takes Guile

Sorry, not making myself clear. Contrast and ceiling flare are important. But on the internet it is common for self-appointed experts to proclaim that a certain lens or a format is the sole and only reason that a photograph shows what we call  “pop” or “3D.”

That of course is complete bull%#£< so I just wanted to correct the record in case any impressionable beginners were following this thread.

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

SmilerGrogan wrote:

The medium format people debate the 3D effect endlessly but they'll never understand it because they can't see beyond the lens. What people call "pop" is a form of optical illusion that depends as much on certain aspects of the lens like edge acuity as it does on the photographer's skill at juxtaposing elements within the scene to trick the viewer's eye. Those elements include lighting, color contrast, the warm-cool push, shape, relative distances, perspective, degrees of unsharpness...It goes on and on.

None of that stuff has anything to do with higher contrast and lower veiling flare enabling better 3D effect than lower contrast and higher veiling flare (e.g. many D series lenses.) Some people apparently are blind to that very basic fact.

Plus I've seen lots of of 19th century photos with amazing 3D effects which makes me skeptical about lenses being all that important.

All lenses do not render the same, unfortunately for our wallets :^)

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Feel free to substitute contrast, color and reduced veiling flare for "pop" if you're more comfortable with that. Higher contrast always generates a greater representation of dimension 3, which the 24-70 2.8 both G and E pass through quite well, better than the more humble 24-xxxs. Distortion, CA and soft corners remain a problem for any mid zoom.

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