Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

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Re: Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

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Hi Chepe:
I've been using bluetooth connection to my iPhone to get hold of location data, and its working fine.
In addition to what Dave mentioned, on EOS R you would have to set Smartphone as the "Select GPS device". Also, the second option of sending location data via WiFi is turned off on my phone.
Hope this helps.

I tried it but I noticed google photos doesn’t recognize the tags.

i noticed that if you use camera connect app to transfer the pictures to my iphones, the geotags don't come across. But when i copy the picture to google photos, the geotags do come across. kind of silly that camera connect doesn't transfer it over.

i wonder if you use the GPS dongle would it auto transfer over to my iphone

If I copy pictures from my original EOS M to Google photos the app will come up with the location of my phone when the photo was taken. The original EOS M was never advertised as having a geotagging function.

wished it would work both ways. doesn't make sense that transferring the picture to my iphone photo and then having that auto upload to google doesn't keep the geotag.

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