Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

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Re: Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

Digital Nigel wrote:

Mark in Tampa wrote:

I have exactly the same gear. Yes, it's been my impression that the image quality between the Sony RX10 IV and the Canon 7DII/100 - 400 mm IS II is similar. I've also found that the images are often more vivid with the Sony than the Canon. The Sony often "pops" while the Canon is often flat. I've found that at the same f stop, the Sony is better at not blurring the background because the f stop on the Sony compared to a full frame camera is considerably higher than say f/4. The same can be said of the Canon 7DII but not as much. Therefore, if you want more depth of field when the f stop is the same with both cameras, you'll be much happier with the Sony than with the Canon. True, sometimes you want the good bokeh and then you'll like the Canon better. But, for instance, if you're trying to get an owl and two owlets in the frame and all in focus, the Sony is better all things being equal.

There is no question that the Sony RX 10 IV produces more noise than the Canon 7DII in low light situations. It's because of the smaller sensor. However, I just started using the TOPAZ DeNoise AI software and I am quite literally blown away by how good it is in reducing noise and keeping an image sharp. Therefore, my reservations about using the Sony in low light situations have gone away completely.

I've been doing some tests recently of Topaz DeNoise AI vs DxO PRIME, and started a recent thread on the subject. The results surprised me:

Tried Topaz DeNoise AI based on this comment and am also blown away! I love my RX10IV, but was disappointed with several shots in lower light while in Costa Rica. After running DeNoise AI on them, I feel they are good enough to share, which is very exciting! Here is a thread I just posted with comparisons (in the appropriate place on this forum):

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