24mm GM or 16-35 GM?

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Re: 24mm GM or 16-35 GM?

PWPhotography wrote:

Fotozone wrote:

I have both the Sony 16-35 f2.8 and the Loxia 21 f2.0. I find myself using the 16-35 for general work or when I'm unsure of what I'll find. When I go to do astro I only carry the Loxia. Excellent astro lens!! T

Loxia 21mm wide open at f2.8, not f2.0. I own both FE 16-35 GM and Loxia 21. Not sure why Loxia 21 is better in astro as 16mm from FE 16-35 GM is much wider, and equally sharp at F2.8 wide open at 21mm. In my side by side test, Loxia 21 is not actually sharper but has characters that FE 16-35 GM is not very good at - sunstar and special color rendering.

I’ve definitely found the Loxia 21 to be sharper than the 16-35 GM for astro

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