24mm GM or 16-35 GM?

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Re: 24mm GM or 16-35 GM?

Really depends what you want to do with it. I shoot mostly wildlife and occasionally some landscapes and astro. At the short end of my kit, I now just carry the 24 GM and the Loxia 21 and I sold my 16-35 GM. I would never expect any serious landscaper to do that and I knew that in doing so I was losing the flexibility that came with the zoom but I was fine with this move. The funny thing is so far I’ve only ever used the 24 GM wide open for travel/street stuff, some astro, and environmental portraits such as the images here. For those kinds of things I absolutely love it. I’m sure I could stop it down for landscapes too, even though it’s not super-wide, but I’m very happy with the Loxia 21 for those purposes.

Ultimately for me the 16-35 GM was too big and heavy to carry around and while it was plenty sharp, I found it too clinical. I prefer what the 24 GM can do wide open and the rendering of the Loxia for landscapes.

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