D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

Spare-time photog wrote:

greyhoundrick wrote:

Oh, to the OP.....thanks for starting this thread and I have a quick question for you...In one of your recent posts you said:

"Besides using low light mode I noticed that using the 1:1 view in the EVF helps focusing in dark scenes, even without enabling low light focus."

Can you tell me what you mean by that? Im not quite understanding. Do you mean you are using the 1:1 zoom in the EVF after the image is taken to check your focus?

Thanks again and congrats on getting your new Z7!

best to you,


Hello Rick,

if you go to "f controls" -> "f2 custom control assignment" then you can put different functions to the function buttons. I put on the record button the function zoom on/off. So if I press the record button in stills mode then I see in the EVF a 100% view around the AF point. If you focus in this 100% or 1:1 view, the whole viewfinder frame seems to be used for acquiring AF as you can see by green marks in the corner of the EVF. This is what I mean by "that using the 1:1 view in the EVF helps focusing".

In my (limited) experience even if AF-S in the normal view isn't able to acquire focus in low light situations, using the 1:1 view helps, as the camera is sometimes able to get the correct focus. Perhaps as a wider AF area is used?

Focusing in this zoomed in view is not continuous even if you are in AF-C mode. You have several options for the zoom level, i.e. 50%, 100% and 200%.

Thanks so much! You're explanation is crystal clear and very helpful! I just programed my AF-ON button for this and now will be using it often. I really appreciate your help with this as I had no idea this was something you can do!

Take care and hope to chat more with you in the future!

best to you,


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