Should I sell my 35 f2 for the 1.4?

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Re: Should I sell my 35 f2 for the 1.4?

j0llysnowman wrote:

Playtez29 wrote:

j0llysnowman wrote:

Playtez29 wrote:

Ive been really pleased with the f2 which is why it's a difficult choice to make.

I guess I'm unconvinced that this is not just another GAS attack, as someone else mentioned. You can bump the ISO and gather more light that way.

What is it about the f/2 bokeh that you don't like?

I never said I didn't like the bokeh. I'm actually now leaning towards keeping my f2 after reading some of the comments. I have suffered from GAS many times and if this was the case I wouldn't have even posted the question.

In the first post lol.

Ive never been impressed with the bokeh of the f2.

I do keep an eye on the f/1.4 photos, because everyone claims it's an amazing lens; I'm sure it is, but I feel the f/2 is also amazing! I have never been in a situation where I wished I had more aperture or more bokeh than what I get from the f/2.

I see why you got that impression. 😂 I say that because I have the 56 and bokeh on that one is amazing. When I need a faster focusing lens I grab the f2. I keep hearigh so much about the 1.4 too and that's what has me considering the trade.

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