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Re: Sorry - a made a mistake

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Sorry - I made a mistake in this latest post

Spare-time photog wrote:

You wrote in a post in this thread (March, 31), quotation:

The Z's do not work well with detail parallel to the long dimension of the frame which is OK for some subjects but not for others.

Quotation ends (Post#62498616).

This earlier post is correct.

The first section on auto focus in the Usual Manual (page 54 for the EN version) says the camera "may be unable to focus if the subject contains lines parallel to the long edge of the frame".

You should ideally check for yourself what AF points do/do not work in one direction or the other (with several AF points) on any new camera.

Something like a black picture frame against a plain white wall is suitable for this.

When taking important shots, pressing the centre of the AF Nintendo button zooms in (dependent on settings) to 100% - ideal for checking focus accuracy.

If you had done this after 3 or 4 shots you could have switched to manual focus.

If the lens normally focusses good with other subjects you are learning, for whatever reason, AF does not work good with this type of subject.

My guess is the subject was unsuitable for accurate focus for one of the reasons mentioned on page 54 of the En User Manual.

Hi Leonard,

Thanks for the post.

I apologize but Im still not understanding how to see a 100% view of the shot before the exposure is taken. Can you tell me how you do that? Im sure I am missing something here.

The way I am understanding this is that you can see a 1:1 view of the subject before you release the shutter. I would love to be able to do this, but again, am not sure exactly how you do it.

Is this done while looking at the EVF or do you need to look at the back display? Do you have to have your shutter release button pressed half way down for this to work? And is there a special setting you need to select before this is possible?

Thanks again. I appreciate your help!

best to you,


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