D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?


I hope everyone is doing well.

This is a great thread and one I am very interested in!

I have acted like a completely crazed person with a self inflicted sense of "cant make up my mind" syndrome with regard to the Z7!

In the last couple of months I have gone from a D850 to a Z7 to a D500 and finally back to the Z7. The time I have spent researching, testing, etc. has been exhausting! I have been incredibly indecisive!

To make a very, very long story short...

I shoot mostly portraits with flash, animals, macro and some sports (very little) and I ended up with a Nikon Z7. I can honestly say that I am very, very happy with my decision. There are weaknesses to the camera, but for the most part, I have determined that it is the best camera for me.

The final determinates for me have been:

1. Size, weight and handling

2. New lenses are out of this world sharp

3. New mount allows for an amazing and exciting future for lens performance and development

4. EVF is such a great tool

5. IBIS is fantastic

6. No Auto AF Fine Tuning!

I have shot in a lot of different environments and while at first I did not trust the AF I have now learned how to use it much better. I was a 99% AF-C shooter before the Z7 and now I am a 50/50 AF-S and AF-C shooter. I have learned that the focus assist lamp is a valuable feature that in the past I had not used much at all.

I have also learned that a 46MP camera is very demanding as it shows a lot more user error vs. my D3/D300. I have opted to shoot at higher shutter speeds and slightly higher ISOs than in the past and this has helped a lot. I also am using a monopod a bit more than I had in the past.

For the rare sports events I shoot I will still take my D3 but only use it in situations where I just cant get there with my Z7.

I think that this next firmware update has the chance of making this camera go from a B+ rating to an A+ rating if the autofocus is improved. I also wish Nikon would put some sort of focus confirmation in AF-C mode (either a green box or a white dot like the DSLRs have) as that would be a very nice aid.

Oh, to the OP.....thanks for starting this thread and I have a quick question for you...In one of your recent posts you said:

"Besides using low light mode I noticed that using the 1:1 view in the EVF helps focusing in dark scenes, even without enabling low light focus."

Can you tell me what you mean by that? Im not quite understanding. Do you mean you are using the 1:1 zoom in the EVF after the image is taken to check your focus?

Thanks again and congrats on getting your new Z7!

best to you,


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