Best prime lens for my g9

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Re: Best prime lens for my g9

Tomtom0349 wrote:

Evening all......

Finally made the plump and purchased a g9.

Was bored of using fuji and felt like a change.

One of my favourite lenses on my xt1 was the 35m f1.4 cracking lens.

Anyone any suggestions of a Panasonic equivalent

Warm regards



I see many people mentioning 25mm lenses. I would recommend that focal length as well as it's closest to fuji 35mm. I don't know that fuji lens but seeing it at b&h, its price seems similar to Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4.

Now, I'm replying to share my experience. This is my subjective findings and I understand others may disagree. The test was on G9.
I've been shooting with PL 25mm f1.4 for many months. It is indeed a great lens. Light weight, great rendering, etc. Later, I got a chance to test Olympus 25mm f1.2. Since it's 2+ times more expensive(new or used), it must be better. Yes, it is better to my eyes. Specifically, the reason why I eventually chose Olympus over Panasonic Leica is the difference in purple fringing. On the same high contrast scene where Panasonic Leica typically shows string purple lines, Olympus controlled it much better even at f1.2. To me, that was significant enough to switch.

Panasonic Leica f1.4:
[Pros] lighter, smaller, cheaper, still great image rendering
[Cons] no weather sealing, purple fringing

Olympus f1.2:
[Pros] better image(rendering, purple fringing), extra function button, weather sealing, clutch manual focus ring
[Cons] expensive, noticeably heavier

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