Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

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Re: Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

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Thank you for taking time to create this comparison between the Canon FF and Sony RX10M4. I have a Rebel with some long, prime and wide angle lenses. It was Rebel because I was already trying to cut the weight. I was also getting tired of trying to change lenses in difficult situations.

I haven’t touched the Canon since opening Sony’s (RX100M4 and RX10M3) boxes. Gorgeous photos without the weight and hassle, as shown in this comparison.

The RX10M4 looks awesome, but I don’t want to get it to find the M5 coming out two months after. Are people thinking the M5 will come out in the fall? Our next trip is to Alaska’s Inside Passage in mid-August and it’s very tempting to get the M4 now.

What do you all recommend?

Thanks again for the comparison!

Sony is pretty good at managing leaks: it only leaks info that won't hurt the sales of current cameras.

Just based on the RX release cycle so far, the next RX10 will probably come out this year, based on the updated internals of the RX100M6 and with an all-new lens. But that's pure speculation: we don't actually know anything. But as the current RX10M4 has no real competition, there's no pressure on Sony to rush out the next model.

Surely the Rx100-vi inherited its sensor/processor bits from the RX10-iv and from the RX100-v which had them first.

It's a step ahead of them, with several features that they lack. The RX100s seem to take the lead on camera internals, with the RX10s following.

I purchased the RX100M6 last week. So far so good.

Question: is the RX10M4 a big enough leap from the M3 to make it worth the switch, even with the M5 potentially pending? I’ll be trying to capture Alaska’s BIF, maybe a breaching whale, and pretty landscapes, etc.

  • For BIF, yes, it's much better (but they're still not easy).
  • For breaching whales, perhaps.
  • For landscapes, no, it's not an improvement on the M3.

Thank you.  Now I’m curious if you have tips for BIF that you’d share??

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