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Biggs23 wrote:


In ~190 weddings, I've only been asked once, and that was by a bride who brought a list of 150+ questions to ask that she printed off the internet.


If you are relying on your potential customers to ask the questions, you're relying on passive marketing. Why not guide the potential customers to ask the questions that you want to answer?

Suppose you have a 50 megapixel body and your competitors have 42 megapixel bodies. You and I know they are both are overkill for wedding photography and in that context there is no significant difference between the two.

However, your marketing can "educate" your customers that higher resolution cameras produce images with more detail. Then it makes sense for your marketing   to mention your camera along with a notation "50 megapixels". Imply in your marketing that photographers who shoot low resolutions cameras usually don't list their gear, and/or don't mention the resolution.


If you bring studio lighting to the wedding reception, then educate potential clients why that is important, and get them to ask (and rule out) competitors who don't bring lighting.   If you use only on-camera lighting at the reception, educate potential clients as to why that's better, and get them to ask (and rule out) those that bring studio lights.

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