Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

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Re: Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped me with my doubts.

Thinking about how to recover the data (on the Camera Connect App), I connected my iPhone to iTunes to see if the app offered the option of sharing documents, to my surprise I found Camera Connect allowed me to download a file called CCV2CoreData_01.sqlite.

Besides doing photography, I am a programmer so it was very pleasant to see that this ".sqlite" file is nothing else than a database file.

How the sqlite data looks

So I downloaded it and learned that this file had the information not from each one of the photos, but from the routes I did.

Lightroom accepts .gpx files for geolocation, what it does is compare the time at which the photograph was made and look for a correspondence in the .gpx route, when it is found, it adds the geolocation data to the image.

Of course, I searched the internet on how to properly format the .gpx files and with the database that I was able to download from the Canon App I was able to recreate my routes and I was finally able to geo-tag my photos.

One of my routes.

Canon Camera Connect should give the option to download a properly formatted .gpx file to be used in Lightroom or other programs in case a user needs it.

Finally, I already learned how to activate the geolocation in the App as Dave Lasker and others helped.

I hope this experience I had serves others.


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