Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ? Locked

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Matsu wrote:

I have to get my hands on the Z again. I've played with it twice. My partner has been using it largely with our F mount lenses and reports good experience. (mostly portrait work)

I thought Dynamic was initiated simply by entering the mode and selecting the point? While auto Area Face Detect and/or Auto Area Subject Tracking required the weird "Ok- button" to confirm subject routine?

I am I wrong? Could be very likely. I'm infamously stubborn about learning new camera UI - 9 times out of 10 it's my main reason for not upgrading cameras or even buying smaller casual use cameras,

Taking your first and last paragraphs first; if you are not keen to learn new technology I can understand if your parter keeps their Z mainly to themselves.

Put another way your partner makes Z work. Perhaps an issue is so far you do not have a desire to accept moderate technology change.

Subject tracking is fundamentally no different with Z than with most recent Nikon DSLR's

In full detail ou can select

1/ AF-C (focus tracking). Recent Nikon DSLR's have a similar option on a switch instead of in a quick and easy access menu

2/ AF-S which locks focus on first pressing the shutter. You choose between AF-C or AF-S IMO quicker in the Z menus than on a D850.

3/ manual focus, which "greys out" tracking options, in the menu instead of via a switch

You can then select

1/ single point AF to lock on a static subject or follow a subject moving toward or away from the camera. There are relatively few subject where movement can be followed with a single AF point.

2/ dynamic area AF (the best for subjects moving fast toward or away from the camera) in conjunction with AF-C - as on most recent Nikon DSLR's,

3/ wide areas AF (S) - new on Z.

4/ Wide area AF (L) with the option to track subjects across the frame for you, including while you reframe, but operation is not as fast as dynamic area AF. This is new on Z

5/ Auto area AF almost anywhere in the frame (in this respect similar to the D500) primarily based on focus on the the closest subject.

For best subject tracking toward and away from the camera with Z you need to select AF-C to follow the subject moving toward or away from the camera.

Then select dynamic area AF putting the intended subject in the centre of the group of AF points highlighted in the viewfinder and follow the subject in the viewfinder, reframing if needed to keep the intended subject under the group of AF points. This is similar to most recent Nikon DSLR's.

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