Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ? Locked

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Re: First try with skaters: I'm impressed

Matsu wrote:

HeavyDuty wrote:

Thanks for documenting your experience with the skaters, Marianne. One of the things I’m (probably futilely) hoping for in the FW update is a way of doing away with the OK button to initiate dynamic tracking. I know it’s currently done the Nikon 1 way (I have those, too) but I’d much prefer having tracking start and stop with the AF-ON button, and not need to turn it off with the minus button either.

I have to get my hands on the Z again. I've played with it twice. My partner has been using it largely with our F mount lenses and reports good experience. (mostly portrait work)

I thought Dynamic was initiated simply by entering the mode and selecting the point? While auto Area Face Detect and/or Auto Area Subject Tracking required the weird "Ok- button" to confirm subject routine?

I am I wrong? Could be very likely. I'm infamously stubborn about learning new camera UI - 9 times out of 10 it's my main reason for not upgrading cameras or even buying smaller casual use cameras, despite often being tempted by assorted Fuji MILC and large sensor compacts like Ricoh's GR.

You are correct - I haven’t explored the various AF modes to any great depth, but I was under the impression she was doing the mode that requires the “Ok” button to initiate.  Looking at the nomenclature in the manual I see I misunderstood what Marianne was saying.

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