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Not just the camera

BGD300V1 wrote:

There are a lot of different metrics for testing things and relatively robust processes to do the measuring.

What is the metric for AF performance?

Keeper ratio and number of shots missed due to AF not finding the subject.  But that's a function of both photographer and camera.

I would propose that any rating for the camera alone, is not highly valuable, because the results one obtains also depend very much on user skill and experience.  I've occasionally let one of my coaches try to use my D5, set up as I use it - and the results were terrible.

The only meaningful metric is the one which you determine for yourself, by using the camera in your typical scenarios.

There are a few parameters which can be objectively measured, such as acquisition speed and tracking speed, but even then, the measurements may not apply to many working situations because they can vary with lighting and subject.

Not many users seem to appreciate how difficult subject tracking becomes for the AF system when the subject is close to the camera.  There is a huge difference in the speed required, when the subject is only 10 feet away, relative to being 20 feet or more away.

Do we have a lens chart on a metronome and a track to move to and from a camera on a bench?

You can do that, but what lighting level should be used?  What color should the chart be, or should a mannequin/doll be used instead?  Should we use spinning subjects?  (That's not a joke - my old D2Hs bodies would actually be thrown off momentarily by subject rotation.)

how do we determine uniform levels of sobriety for cyclists?

Interesting question.  I saw a statistic (from city of Bellevue, WA) regarding DUI accidents between bicyclists and motor vehicles:  50% of the time, the cyclist was the one who was drunk!

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