Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

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Re: Sony RX10 IV vs Canon 7D mk II & 100-400 IS mk II

david31 wrote:

Take a look at these photos of £5 note.

Both shot from exactly the same position on a tripod.

The Canon was using mirror lock up.

Canon 0M6A4945 iso 100, F/5.6, Tv 1/2000
Sony DSC00126 iso 100, F/4, Tv 1/4000

I guess the Canon should have been set to ISO 200 for correct comparison.

This time your comparison is correct in my opinion because you are trying to determine the best image quality from both systems and base ISO is the way to do it. It's just that for the same shutter speed the RX10iv has a faster F stop and allows you reduce the noise advantage of the larger sensor. Of course, if the shutter speed doesn't matter too much the full noise advantage of the larger sensor remains. But then again the outstanding quality of the lens on the RX10iv at F4 should never be underestimated.

In the above comparison there is one thing I'm puzzled about. The bracket under the shelf is in focus and pin sharp on the Canon shot but not so on the Sony shot. Can't understand this because the RX10iv has more DOF at F4 than the Canon has at F5.6.


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