Conspicuous Consumption

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To each his/her own op.

AZBlue wrote:

lbuclk= wrote:

I was looking at another wedding photographer's web site and in the FAQ section was a short paragraph on "what kind camera do you use". the photographer explained his/her gear. in all my years of wedding shoots, I've never had that question asked.

I've never asked my dentist what kind of drill he uses or a chef, what brand pf knife he used. I was wondering how many others have been asked about their equipment?

You probably have no interest in dentistry, which is why you haven't asked. If you were an aspiring dentist and admired a particular dentist's work, you would probably be interested in how he/she achieves that level of quality.

Just because you aren't interested doesn't mean others aren't. I think it's great that a photographer would choose to discuss what they shoot with. That tells me they are a photography enthusiast and interested in helping others.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

lbuclk= wrote:

Ken Seals wrote:

I fail to see what your post has to to with the title "Conspicuous Consumption".

bottom line, something to be seen with in an attempt to impress someone with something you have.telling someone about your camera / gear does not mean you have the talent to use it.anyone can press a button.

Why do you think the photographer is trying to impress? If it makes you uncomfortable, which it apparently does because you posted about it, I suggest you explore the source of your own discomfort instead of trying to ascribe intention to the person who is simply sharing information for whatever reason that is unknown to you.

1. re-read my post.  I said I've never had anyone ask that question, I DID ask How many others have been asked that question, out of the few hundred I've done, no one has ever asked.

2. does any, any of your customers ask that question? and understand the equipment after you educate them??

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