P1000 - Blackbird in adverse light and light rain

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Re: P1000 - Blackbird in adverse light and light rain

CMCM wrote:

What a cute blackbird! He has a different look than the blackbirds around here. Actually, the ones I see here in California are called "Brewer's Blackbird", so it must be a sub-species. In fact, I got a few shots of one today when I went to the garbage dump to drop off some tree limbs and other green waste. I must say, the birds at the dump have quite a field day with all the interesting "stuff" that's around there.

Looking at the Birds of Europe field guide this one is definitely a Common Blackbird - only Blackbird species in Europe and has the distinctive yellow bill and narrow yellow-eye ring.

We have 5 species of Blackbird in the U.S. (Brewer's, Rusty, Red-Winged, Tri-colored, and Yellow-Headed) Range maps show you should have all of them in CA. however, the Rusty is rare in CA.

We had some Brewer's here last week (near St. Louis) and it was a nice treat - the females are greyish and do not have the yellow eye as the male. The Brewer's are quite striking imo with those piercing yellow eyes.

If I'd had my p900 or the p1000 I wouldn't have had to say "wish I'd been a little closer."

Nice photo Augustin -

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