Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

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Re: Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

pawn wrote:

Todd Meyers wrote:

I've been a Canon DSLR shooter since the first digital Rebel. Currently, I've got a decent collection of EF and EF-S lenses, a 70D, a 600D, various flashes and accessories, etc. As I've been a Canon loyalist for going on 20 years, I've watched as Sony went from a small wannabe to actually making me regret being stuck with all this Canon gear.

In-body stabilization - it seems Canon will never do this.

Mirrorless APS-C - it isn't clear if Canon will ever do this, but I'm tired of waiting.

4K video - Canon seems to be the worst among the big players at video.

Affordability - Sony is clearly the value leader here, with the most lens flexibility, and they don't cripple bodies through software limitations to nearly the degree that Canon does.

There are other reasons I'm frustrated as a Canon owner. So talk me off the ledge here. It feels like this is the time for me to dump all my Canon glass, while it's still worth something, and jump ship. Am I wrong? I really would like to be wrong. But Canon just isn't showing me a clear path forward, or at least giving me vague assurances that they're taking the concerns of folks like me into account.

They are just tools. If you think tools from other companies help you to take better images, go ahead and switch.

I'm happy with my images.  I'm not as happy with the effort it takes to get there, or the lack of 4K features that my friends have, or the IBIS they enjoy that I never will have with Canon.

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